Lost Frontier Handbook

$ 45,57

Uncover how to:

  • Make powerful medicinal remedies from scratch…
  • Preserve and stockpile HUGE quantities of delicious food that never (ever!) spoils.
  • Enjoy a steady supply of fresh clean water – 100% off-grid.


It’s all inside:

The Lost Frontier

Here’s a Glimpse of What You Get:

Survival Sanctuary Book

Just keep in mind what you’ll see below is only the tip of the iceberg and there’s far more inside “The Lost Frontier Handbook”.


The Most Powerful Remedies We
Lost to History

With high-resolution images, carefully detailed diagrams, and step-by-step instructions on how to:

    • Create Powerful Disinfectants at Home

After all, antiseptics are one of history’s greatest life savers. But what if the stores are closed? Luckily, this simple substitute is as easy as 1-2-3.

    • Make Your Own Highly Effective Painkillers

Great for toothaches, chronic pain, and injuries. Without addictive drugs.

    • Safely Treat Wounds, Breaks, & Burns

Because there’s nothing worse than being unable to help a loved one in need.

    • Quickly Soothe A Sore Throat or Cough…

No bitter tastes or itchiness. Instead, these tasty remedies leave sufferers singing.

    • How to Make “Frontier Penicillin”

You were used for centuries to keep infection away with just a handful of items you probably have in your kitchen.

Plus, a whole lot more.

Like how to treat cold sores, warts, or fungal infections, soothe away inflammation, arthritis, and exactly what to do if someone you love has been poisoned!

There’s almost too much to choose from. Including…

How to Build a Food Stockpile That
Never (Ever!) Spoils

Giving you endless, tasty meals to fall back on. The perfect safety net, without electricity, chemical preservatives, or gut-churning survival rations. Including how to…

    • Safely Preserve Meat for Months on End…

Includes smoking, drying, curing, salting, larding, dehydrating, and more…

    • The A-Z of Canning and Pickling

Great for newbies and veterans alike. Packed with cutting-edge recipes loved by all.

    • Companion Planting 101

The ultimate “how to” for a garden that raises itself.

    • 3 Ways to Refrigerate Food Without Electricity

Using a root cellar, 18th century icehouse, or a lost long evaporation secret…

    • How to Hunt, Tan and Hide Wild Game

Plus, how to barter the pelts as a highly profitable side business when SHTF.

And more!

Like how to grow a tiny-space herb (or medicinal) garden, the very worst food-spoiling dangers to look out for, plus cheap and quick organizational hacks to ensure everything you need is in reach and you never lose track of supplies…

Lost Frontier Handbook

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